Ferromin limited was established by two young entrepreneurs in 2013. Initially, our company has started exportation such as macaroni and macaroni products under our individual brand to The Western African Countries. While our business trade started in Gambia, our local sister Gambian export company, Ferromin Co. Ltd. has been established. Exportation and whole business operations have been carrying out successfully. The mentioned business operation above, such as Planning, logistic and distributing has been carried out successfully according to fields need. More investment has been generated such as Employment, distributing, marketing etc. The company has become registered trademark as FERROMIN and takes firm steps forward.

FERROMIN’s vision is to provide top and best quality service to all the manufacturer firms in its portfolio, whom it sees as business partners, in order to contribute to their growth in a manner protecting their interests in the best way possible. In this framework, FERROMIN, who has dedicated itself to mediate in the development of Turkey’s Export.

FERROMIN’s primary principles are as follows:
Taking care of rendering its customers always services of higher quality
Protecting its customers benefit
Ensuring efficient and reliable team work
Adopting transparent and law-abiding working principles

Principles: We are dynamic, creative and experienced. Reliability is strictly irreplaceable principle for us. Customer care and needs have importance. Therefore the Company is reliable. Compliance to the universal and local law is our one of the most important principle.

Mission: Constantly, being beneficial for our trade partners is our main goal. We aim to keep up our resource for our business relations and lead to success together in Turkey and also in your country.

Vision: Supply high quality, beneficial products with strong trade structure, sustainable success and response our clients’ needs successfully is our target.