Nectar: 200ml/330ml/1lt.
Energy Drink: 250ml/500 ml/1lt.
Carbonated Drink: 250 ml/330 ml/1lt.

Flour & Pasta

Flour: 10kg/25kg/50 kg
Pasta: 250gr/500gr/5kg

Baby Food

Pack (Gr x Pcs ) ; 125gr X 12
Pack (Gr x Pcs ) ; 50gr X 12
With Milk
With Milk And Banana
With Milk And Mixed Vegetables
With Milk And Apple
With Milk, Honey and Semolina(Breakfast)
With Milk and 7 Cereals (Night)

Biscuits & Chocolate

Petit Beurre-Finger-Creamy Biscuit-Wafer-Stick Cracker-Cream Chocolate-Suprise Egg–Lollipop-Chocolate Bar-Coins Chocolate